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USB Flash Drives: Encryption Guidelines

Sometimes it is handy to save files to a USB flash drive (aka "USB key", "thumbdrive," or "jumpdrive"). It can get tricky, however, when transferring files from a Columbia College computer encrypted with BitLocker or GuardianEdge.

Public Cloud Storage: Guide and Policy

Many people use public cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Google Docs, and Google Drive, for storing personal files.  While these cloud-based products and services are useful, there are related privacy and security concerns. For users of the College computing environment, it is necessary to consider appropriate usage.

Updates to UNI Password Resets

An announcement from CUITStarting June 29, CUIT will be enhancing security to further protect your UNI account and personal information.

Lit Hum Web Site Launches

Columbia College launched a new Lit Hum Web site.

Computer Security Overview

Computer security is a big deal.  As University staff, we are stewards of sensitive data, and it is our responsibility to protect it.  There is a lot of information out there about what c

Columbia College Fund Annual Report Now Online

We are very pleased to share the Columbia College Fund 57th Annual Report, online for the first time a

Storage System Upgraded

The former storage infrastructure of Columbia College and its affiliated units was aging and in need of an upgrade.

New Terminal Services

CCIT has set up a new Terminal Services environment that provides remote access to our computing resources, replacing the older Citrix environment.  See our documentation

New ARC online system

CCIT and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has launched a new ARC online system for use by members of the Alumni Representa

New Columbia College Web Site Goes Live

A new Columbia College Web site is now live!  Some of the updates include:

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