Unify API Shutdown Friday, December 09, 2016

The Unify API will be shut down on Friday, December 09, 2016 at 3:00PM EST. CCIT has worked with the CourseLeaf team to develop a backwards compatible API that will replace the existing Unify API. To use it, you can replace the current domain, apps.college.columbia.edu, with bulletin.columbia.edu.

For reference, to visit the XML and HTML APIs:

  • XML API: http://bulletin.columbia.edu/unify/getApi/bulletinSearch.php?school=XML
  • HTML API: http://bulletin.columbia.edu/unify/getApi/bulletinSearch.php?school={SCHOOL}

For instance, to get a list of courses in the History department (HIST) in XML, make a request to http://bulletin.columbia.edu/unify/getApi/bulletinSearch.php?school=XML&departmentVar=HIST. For the HTML version, make a request to http://bulletin.columbia.edu/unify/getApi/bulletinSearch.php?school=CC&departmentVar=HIST.

The new CourseLeaf API is not completely backwards compatible, however, every attempt has been made to ensure compatibility. If you notice functionality that is missing or is different than what you expect, please let us know by emailing ccit@columbia.edu with the subject “Unify/CourseLeaf API feedback”. Please notify CCIT as soon as possible so that changes can be made to the API.