Unify API transition

The existing Unify API will begin to transition to the new CourseLeaf API on Friday, July 01, 2016 at 10:00AM. CCIT has worked with the CourseLeaf team to develop a backwards compatible API that will replace the existing Unify API. To use it, you can replace the current domain, apps.college.columbia.edu, with a CourseLeaf domain. If you use the Unify API, you must transition to the CourseLeaf version of the API by Friday, July 01, 2016. If you do not transition to the CourseLeaf API you will not receive course and class information.

To ease the transition, the CourseLeaf team has set up a test copy of this API. You can test this API by changing the domain from http://apps.college.columbia.edu to https://columbia-test.courseleaf.com. Please note that the location of the API will change and API functionality may change before the API is put into production. We will communicate with you once the final API endpoint is determined so that you can make the final domain change in the API URL. Updates will be communicated via email and also posted on the CCIT website, https://ccit.college.columbia.edu.

For reference, to visit the XML and HTML APIs:

  • XML API: https://columbia-test.courseleaf.com/unify/getApi/bulletinSearch.php?school=XML
  • HTML API: https://columbia-test.courseleaf.com/unify/getApi/bulletinSearch.php?school={SCHOOL}

For instance, to get a list of courses in the History department (HIST) in XML, make a request to https://columbia-test.courseleaf.com/unify/getApi/bulletinSearch.php?school=XML&departmentVar=HIST. For the HTML version, make a request to https://columbia-test.courseleaf.com/unify/getApi/bulletinSearch.php?school=CC&departmentVar=HIST.

The new CourseLeaf API is not completely backwards compatible, however, every attempt has been made to ensure compatibility. If you notice functionality that is missing or is different than what you expect, please let us know by emailing ccit@columbia.edu with the subject “Unify/CourseLeaf API feedback”. Please notify CCIT as soon as possible so that changes can be made to the API.

We apologize for the short notice, but this timeline is essential to launching the full CourseLeaf system. After July 1, Unify and CourseLeaf data will diverge and CourseLeaf will become the canonical source for data. As a result, Unify data will be out of date and it will not make sense to keep operating the Unify API. Additionally, the API took longer than expected to develop.

The Unify API will begin displaying a message to end users notifying them of the new location for the APIs on Friday, July 01, 2016 at 10:00AM. The Unify API will completely shutdown on Friday, July 15, 2016 at 5:00PM. Following this time, requests to Unify will not be served. After over a decade of service, it’s time to finally retire Unify.