Developing an application on Windows with an emailing component is tough to debug if you do not have a mail server handy. Enter smtp4dev.

Lit Hum Web Site Launches

Columbia College launched a new Lit Hum Web site.

Suddenly can't get into Outlook?

If you get into work one morning and can't get into your email, don't panic. CUIT recently changed their password policy, which means you have to change your password periodically.

Computer Security Overview

Computer security is a big deal.  As University staff, we are stewards of sensitive data, and it is our responsibility to protect it.  There is a lot of information out there about what c

An Introduction to Drupal

Here at CCIT, we use Drupal for just about everything — including the Web site you're reading right now.

Columbia College Fund Annual Report Now Online

We are very pleased to share the Columbia College Fund 57th Annual Report, online for the first time a

Blogging is now open for business

Here at CCIT we've been blogging for the past year. We all finally agreed it's time to start blogging publically, so here's our first post. Enjoy.

Storage System Upgraded

The former storage infrastructure of Columbia College and its affiliated units was aging and in need of an upgrade.

Our sweet new Knowledge base

We've taken all of our old productivity tips and FAQ's and rolled them into a searchable knowledge base so that our support articles are easier to use.

New Terminal Services

CCIT has set up a new Terminal Services environment that provides remote access to our computing resources, replacing the older Citrix environment.  See our documentation

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