Terminal Services

Accessing On-Campus Systems

Several of the systems CCIT supports are only available on campus. These include the following...

For Your Mac -- Getting Started With Terminal Services

Installing the Client 1. Download the English version of the client here.    Version in other Languages can be found here....

Outlook on Terminal Services: Cannot Login

If you are experiencing an issue in TS where Outlook continually asks you for your password without ever letting you login, you may need to change your TS Outlook profile to the correct setting.

Terminal Services: Logging off vs. Disconnecting

Terminal Services provides two options when closing a client session: you can either log off or disconnect.

Getting Started with Terminal Services

Welcome to the CCIT Terminal Services (TS) environment. This system allows Columbia College staff to remotely access Columbia University supported software while also providing access to network drives. There are only a few steps you need to take to get started using this system.
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