Wildfire Documentation

Wildfire is a emailing tool that enables users to send individualized emails to recipients. Wildfire is available to College staff.

If you office or department regularly sends mass email, please be aware of Columbia's policy governing the sending of a broadcast email message.

When should I use Wildfire?

You should use Wildfire when:

  • You need to send to large number of recipients.
  • You need to send from a custom From address or specify a Reply To address.
  • You need to send HTML email from Tinderbox.
  • You need to send individualized emails to each recipient.

If your mailing need fits one of the above reasons, go to the Quickstart Guide to learn how to use Wildfire.

When shouldn't I use Wildfire?

  • You have a discussion list. Instead use LionMail Groups or a CUIT Mailman list.
  • You need end-user subscription management (each recipient manages her or her own subcription).
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