Quickstart Guide


Wildfire is a mass emailing tool that can send personalized emails to large numbers of recipients.

Access Wildfire

To access Wildfire you must have a valid UNI and be granted permission to use Wildfire. For access, contact the Wildfire administrators at wildfire-admin@columbia.edu.

Wildfire is available at https://wildfire.college.columbia.edu.


Recipient lists in Wildfire are collections of email addresses (recipients). You can create recipient lists in Wildfire by uploading a spreadsheet. Wildfire supports Excel spreadsheets (.xls and .xlsx) and Comma Separated Value (CSV) files. Your spreadsheet must meet the following requirements:

  • It must have an email column. This column must have a header with the text "email" (no quotes).
  • All columns headers must be lowercase.
  • Each email address in the email column must be unique. You may not have duplicate email addresses in your list.
  • Each email address in the email column must be valid.
  • If you use an Excel spreadsheet, only the first workbook will be read.

Note: Recipients cannot manage their subscriptions. Only the recipient list owner can add or remove recipients.

Example Lists

These screen shots show examples of valid and invalid recipient lists. Click on an image to see the full size example.


Has email column, column header is all lower case


Has email column, but column header has capital letter and hyphen


Has email column, all column headers are lower case


Has email column, but column headers have capital letters and spaces

Upload a list

  1. Log into Wildfire
  2. Click on the 'Create List' menu item
  3. Click on the 'Upload' menu item
  4. Choose a name for your list
  5. Choose a file to upload for your list
  6. Click 'Upload' to upload your list

Wildfire will validate the spreadsheet you selected for upload. If the validation succeeds, Wildfire will begin to import the recipients into the database. The import of recipients occurs in the background - your list may take several minutes to import if your list has thousands of recipients.

List management

You can view, edit, and delete lists that you have uploaded to Wildfire. Your lists will appear on the home page and are distinguished by a crowd icon. Click on the title of the list to see list details and the recipients in the list.

You may add and remove recipients in a list. Wildfire does not allow recipients within a list to be modified.


An identity in Wildfire consists of a From Name, From Address, and Reply-To address. This combination allows you to send emails on someone else's behalf or to direct replies to a specific email address.

Only administrators and CCIT have the ability to create identities.


In order to send a mailing in Wildfire, you must have access to an identity. Unlike the old version of Wildfire, you may not send as yourself by default.

The steps to send a mailing are listed below and demonstrated in the following video.

  1. Log into Wildfire.
  2. Click on 'Send Mailing'.
  3. Select an identity from the dropdown select box.
  4. Choose a recipient list from the select box. You may preview the list by clicking the 'Show' button.
  5. Enter a subject for your mailing.
  6. Compose the body of your mailing. You can copy your mailing body from Tinderbox or you can compose the email in the editor.
  7. Add any tokens (fields from your dataset) by clicking on the 'Custom' button.
  8. Preview your mailing by clicking on the 'Preview' button. You can see what the mailing will look like for each of your recipients by clicking 'Next' and 'Previous'.
  9. Click the 'Compose' tab to go back to the Compose screen.
  10. Click 'Send' to send your mailing.
  11. Confirm you want to send your mailing by clicking 'OK'. You cannot stop a mailing once you click 'OK'.
  12. Your mailing will be sent within 5 minutes. It may take longer for your mailing to reach your recipients depending on the number of recipients as well as the email provider of the recipients. Mail send to @columbia.edu addresses will typically be delivered faster.

CCIT strongly recommends that you preview your mailing before sending it.