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Managing Profile Space - Finding and Deleting Temporary Files

Large files, or a large number of smaller files, accumulate over time. Often these are temporary files created by various applications...

GuardianEdge Removable Storage: Decryption

BasicsThe Removable Storage Access Utility allows you to decrypt encrypted files. You can either work with the encrypted file from the device itself, or you can decrypt the file to another location. Both methods are described below....

How can I access my Outlook email via a web browser?

Go to outlook.cuit.columbia.edu. Web Outlook has generally richer features when accessed via Internet Explorer than when accessed via Firefox. If you have email archives stored in your profile, you may not be able to access them from Web Outlook.

For Your Mac -- Configuring Microsoft Entourage to Connect to Columbia's Exchange Server

You can use Microsoft Entourage within Mac OSX to access an Exchange server.  You must have Mac OSX and a compatible version of Microsoft Office including Entourage installed.  Here's how to do it.

Outlook on Terminal Services: Cannot Login

If you are experiencing an issue in TS where Outlook continually asks you for your password without ever letting you login, you may need to change your TS Outlook profile to the correct setting.

Terminal Services: Logging off vs. Disconnecting

Terminal Services provides two options when closing a client session: you can either log off or disconnect.