Accessing OnBase

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OnBase is currently available as a Thick Client or a Web Client. The Thick Client is a windows program and is what you're probably most familiar with. The Web Client allows you to access OnBase via a web browser.

OnBase (either client) is only available on the Columbia University network which means you can access OnBase using any of the following methods:

  • While in the office.
  • If you're working remotely, you can connect to the network over the VPN using a CCIT issued laptop. Accessing OnBase via VPN connections from personal computers is not currently permitted. If you have questions about remote access, please contact ccit@columbia.edu.
  • Alternatively, while working remotely, you can use the Terminal Servers (TS).

Logging into OnBase using the Thick Client

All Columbia College workstations should have the OnBase Thick Client installed with a shortcut on the desktop named "OnBase Client - Auto Login". Please make sure you use this link as it is a more secure way of logging in. If you have a link that prompts you for credentials, please discontinue using it. The Thick Client Auto Login link is also available in the start menu under All Programs > Hyland.

Shows location of new OnBase Thick Client links.Shows location of new OnBase Thick Client links.

Logging into OnBase using the Web Client

  • If working remotely, connect to the VPN
  • The Web Client only works with Internet Explorer.
  • Navigate to: http://onbase.college.columbia.edu
  • Log in using your College ID (college\username) - It may also log you in automatically.
  • Use only from a CCIT-issued computer or TS

The web client should have just about all the features that the Thick Client has. Here are some quick pointers: Using OnBase Web Client

Connecting to the VPN for remote access

Please refer to this link for instructions:
Using VPN