Creating a New Outlook Profile for Mail Merge Use (Office 2010)

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This article details the steps to take for creating an additional Outlook Mail Profile with Outlook 2010 for Mail Merge purposes.  These instructions are intended to setup a mail profile that will only be tied to a Cyrus shared mailbox for mail merges performed through Microsoft Word.

Creating the New Profile

Step 1

Open the control panel and select “Mail (32-bit)” (on 32-bit systems, it will just be “Mail”)

Step 2

In the Mail Setup window, select “Show Profiles…”

Step 3

The Mail window that comes up will list the existing Mail Profiles for the individual who’s logged in.  Select “Add…”

Step 4

In the New Profile window, enter the name of what you want the new profile to me and hit “OK”

Step 5

The following steps are the same as our IMAP KB article to get the Cyrus mailbox configured.

Select the Manual setup option and click “Next >”

Step 6

Select “Internet E-Mail” and proceed

Step 7

Fill in the information below.

  1. The field for “Your Name:” is the name that email recipients will see
  2. The “E-mail Addess:” field has to be a valid Cyrus mailbox, either personal or shared
  3. Fields under “Server Information” must be exactly as shown in screenshot
  4. “Logon Information” is the individual’s UNI credentials (Same as CubMail and MyColumbia)
  5. When fields are completed, click “More Settings …”, NOT “Next >”

Step 8

In the More Settings windows, select the Outgoing Server tab and check the box as shown.

Step 9

In the same window, select the Advanced tab and set both “encryption connection” values to “Auto”, then click “OK”

Step 10

After completing the More Settings configurations, you can proceed by clicking “Next”

Step 11

You'll see this confirmation screen when the IMAP account has been created, click “Finish” to close the window.

Step 12

Now you’ll be back at the Mail Profiles window and you should see the new profile you’ve just created.  Be sure that the “Always use this profile” option is selected and that the original Exchange enabled profile is selected.  Click “OK” to finish the profile setup process.

Launching Outlook with the New Profile

Step 1

Open the Start Menu and select “Run”

Step 2

In the Run prompt type “outlook /profiles”

  • Opening Outlook this way will allow you to select which profile to use

Step 3

When Outlook starts, you'll be prompted to choose a profile, select the profile that was created specifically for Mail Merge purposes.

Step 4

If done correctly, you'll see that Outlook only has the Cyrus mailbox loaded and not any Exchange inboxes.


Step 5

At this point, you can open Microsoft Word to perform the Mail Merge.

Step 6

When Mail Merge is completed, exit Outlook.

Step 7

Restarting Outlook again via normal shortcuts will display your normal mail profile, which includes your Exchange mailbox.


Performing Mail Merges in the future

You will not need to create a new mail profile each time a mailing is performed.
If you have already created a Mail Merge specific Outlook profile, simply launch Outlook as shown in the section "Launching Outlook with the New Profile".