For Your Mac -- Getting Started With Terminal Services

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Installing the Client

  1. Download the English version of the client here. Versions in other languages can be found here.

  2. Once you have downloaded the client, start the installation process by double-clicking on it. A screen like the one pictured below should appear. Double-click on the Remote Desktop Connection package outlined in red.

  3. Step through the installer wizard that launches, accepting the default options. Click the Install button when prompted. When the wizard indicates that the client has been installed move on to the next section of this document.

Connecting to Terminal Services (TS)

  1. Open up a Finder window and navigate to your Applications directory.

  2. Launch the client by double-clicking on the Remote Desktop Connection icon.

  3. IMPORTANT: You MUST run the next TWO steps in order for "Remote Desktop Connection" to work properly.
    Click on the RDC dropdown menu, then the Preferences… option.

  4. Next, in the Options box, click on the Security tab and click the radio button for Always connect, even if authentication fails. Close the Options box when complete.

  5. Now, going back to the "Remote Desktop Connection" box, type in ts.college.columbia.edu in the text area labeled Computer:, and then click Connect.

  6. Enter your CCIT provided COLLEGE domain credentials in the authentication prompt, as pictured below, then click the OK button.

  7. Now, you should see the TS logon screen, pictured below. Enter your COLLEGE domain credentials AGAIN and press the Enter key on the keyboard. Or click on the right arrow button located next to the password text box.
    NOTE: Make sure to enter COLLEGE\ before your username.

Configuring the RDC Client (Optional)

  1. Launch the client, as in the previous section.

  2. To configure the client click on the RDC dropdown menu, then the Preferences… option.

  3. Click on the Display tab, then set the screen size to whatever you desire. The lower the numbers, the smaller the TS screen will be. If you choose Full screen you will only see the TS screen.
    Note: Full screen is the preferred option.

  4. Close the Preferences screen when you are finished configuring the client.