How to Connect to the Columbia U Secure Wireless Network

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Columbia University's Secure Wireless adds increased security for data and email and is the preferred wireless network for all Morningside and Manhattanville students, faculty and staff. It provides encryption for all online interactions that are not otherwise encrypted.


Before attempting to connect to the U Secure wireless network, please be sure to get yourself connect to the Columbia University wifi network.  Do so by clicking on the Network Icon on the Notification Area and selecting the "Columbia University" SSID.



Step 1

After you have successfully joined the Columbia University wifi network, proceed to the Start Menu.
Go to: Start Menu > All Programs > U Secure Wifi – First Time Run and launch the shortcut.


Step 2

After launching the shortcut, you may be prompted with a security warning, continue by clicking “Run”.


Step 3

The Wizard will now launch.  There are four options to choose at this screen, you’ll only be concerned with the Columbia U Secure choices.  Choose whether you want to use Cached Credentials or not and click “Continue”.


Step 4

The next screen will prompt you for your login credentials.  Please enter your UNI credentials (my.columbia.edu, cubmail, etc.) and click “Continue”.


Step 5

After entering your credentials, the wizard will go through some automated steps.  You will then notice a prompt in the Notification Area, click on the prompt.


Step 6

After you click on the prompt, the SecureW2 Credentials window will appear, prompting for your UNI credentials again, these fields will be filled automatically with what you entered in the previous step, proceed by clicking “OK”.  This step is timed, be sure to click OK within the allotted time.


Step 7

After you’ve successfully joined the Columbia U Secure wifi network, you’ll receive a confirmation like the one below.


Congratulations, you have now successfully joined the Columbia U Secure wifi network.


Confirming your connection to the U Secure Network

If you need to confirm if you’ve properly connected to the Columbia U Secure wifi network in the future, click on the Network icon in the Notification Area, and it should show “Connected” for the “Columbia U Secure” SSID.

Without Cached Credentials

If you chose not to use cached credentials, each time you try to connect to the Columbia U Secure wifi network, you’ll get a window prompting for your UNI credentials like the one below.