Terminal Services: Logging off vs. Disconnecting

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Terminal Services provides two options when closing a client session: you can either log off or disconnect.

Disconnecting leaves the session running on the server. You can reconnect to the server and resume the session within an hour. Later, you can log back onto the server, reenter the session, and resume work. E.g. If you are working in OnBase, and need to move with your laptop to a different place, you can disconnect from the session, leaving your OnBase client running. You can later connect to the Internet, log back onto TS and continue your work in OnBase exactly where you left it.

Logging off ends the session running on the server. Any applications running within the session will be closed and unsaved changes made to open files will be lost. The next time you log onto the server, a new session is created.

To Log Off and End the Session:

In the Remote Desktop Connection window, click Start, and then click Log Off "username", where "username" is your logon name.

Start Log Off

To Disconnect Without Ending a Session:

If you are in full screen click the "X" button at the top of the screen.

When in Fullscreen:

Full Screen Disconnect

Or When in Windowed:

Windowed Disconnect