Policy & Procedure


CCIT presents here the policies & procedures of The College's computing community. Through its policies, the community seeks to establish guidelines in support of a cost-effective, highly-available, and secure computing environment that, in turn, supports the organization's mission. Through its procedures, the community seeks to ensure consistently excellent & reproducible results in the execution of its policies.

Policy & Procedure Documents

Access and Authorization (39 KB)
Information security is of paramount importance to achieve The College’s mission. To protect our organization -- its resources, our colleagues, and our clients -- we must exercise due care in giving privileges to people, processes, and devices. This document sets guidelines for authorizing the granting, revocation, and use of privileges.

Account Policy for Non-CC Staff (69 KB)
CCIT uses its own Windows domain for access to networked shared folders. Access to this domain is limited to Columbia College administrative staff. From time to time, CCIT receives requests from CC staff to provide domain access for non-CC staff. Supporting these accounts cannot be done in the same way as CC staff accounts. This document outlines CCIT’s support policy for these cases.

Approved Solutions for Working Remotely (29 KB)
Telecommuting & remote-access offer increased access, and flexibility. However, insecure and informal or badly implemented remote access can put the Columbia College Computing community at risk. This doucment outlines proper and improper methods of establishing remote access.

Code of Conduct for CCIT Team Members (41 KB)
CCIT team members have certain privileges and powers. With these privileges come responsibilities, and the Code of Conduct for CCIT team members describes these responsibilities and the rights associated with managing The College’s computing resources.

College Desktop Hardware Standards (87 KB)
CCIT deploys new computers for Columbia College staff on a four year rotation policy. These desktop and laptop computers are uniform in their model type and build specifications. This documents what hardware is deployed and supported by CCIT and is updated annually.

Columbia College Process for Change Management (94 KB)
Columbia College’s Process for Change Management is designed to provide an orderly and accountable method of change for the College's computing environment. This minimizes service disruptions and promotes system availability. Use the Change Management form posted in the sidebar to initiate this process.

Computing Guidelines of The College (44 KB)
Access to the computing and network environment is to be used in effective, ethical, and lawful ways that support the values of the College and the functions of its component units. The College endeavors to create an atmosphere that balances respect for individual computer users and College resources in a manner that yields the greatest benefit for all users while maintaining the ethical and community standards of Columbia University.

Desktop Support Daily Operations Guide (42 KB)
CCIT's technical support policy sets forth the severity-dependent service levels the desktop support team uses in responding to submitted support requests. It sets forth the operational procedures designed to ensure continually excellent service for CCIT's desktop support clients.

Discontinued Monitors Policy (29 KB)
CCIT has a limited supply of discontinued, but functional monitors. These monitors can be used by our clients as a second workstation screen. Monitors are available on a first come, first served basis. As they are out of warranty, CCIT can not guarantee the life span of the monitor and can only replace a broken monitor depending on the inventory of discontinued monitors.

Donation or Sale of Retired Computing Assets (23 KB)
When a computing asset is to be retired, CCIT is responsible for securely erasing CC technology assets. This equipment then may be donated or sold if it is still serviceable, or disposed of, if not.

Rate Card for Non-CC Business Units (26.4 KB)
Business units outside CCIT's core customer group may utilize our services as well for fees detailed on the Rate Card.

Server Backup Policy (35 KB)
Our server backup policy reflects CCIT's commitment to safeguarding the information assets of The College Computing Community and maintaining highly-available, secure systems.

Software Policy (39 KB)
This document sets forth The College's policy on acquisition, use, and management of software. Access to the computing and network environment is to be used in effective, ethical, and lawful ways that support the values of The College and the functions of its component units. One aspect of establishing such an environment is the management of software assets to derive maximum benefit to the organization and its computing community.

Style Guide
Basic style and writing guidelines for CCIT-supported Web sites and documents.

Supported Hardware Policy (85 KB)
CCIT outlines in this policy the list of hardware which currently supported by the Desktop Support Team along with projected end of support timeline for dated hardware.

Technical Support Policy (68 KB)
CCIT outlines in this policy its technical support process, request submission mechanisms, definitions for determining the priority or a request with respect to the severity of its actual or potential impact, and target service levels for acknowledgement, assessment, and resolution of requests.

Wildfire Documentation
Wildfire is a mass emailing tool that College staff can use to send out targeted mass emails.

CCIT_Supported_Hardware_Fall_2013.pdf84.46 KB